What is it?

Magnox Shaper is a 25-milliliter drink shot, based on natural ingredients that increases
the production of excess fat in the tissues (hips, buttocks, stomach), and helps improve
physical ability, fitness and endurance. It contains two natural ingredients that help
optimal fat burning. L-CARNiTINE, taken before exercise helps the body to break down
the fat stores, and magnesium that turns fat into energy and helps the process of fat
burning. Combining the two ingredients in one preparation helps the body increase the
amount of fatty acids burned in the body. In an effort to reduce fat mass and strengthen
muscle mass. Thanks to the magnesium activity, the shaper helps reduce muscle
contractions and an increased sense of energy.

Who is SHAPER intended for?

For anyone who trains and can not get rid of the excess pounds.
For anyone who wants to get the most out of his physical activity!

You drink a bottle half an hour before the workout and help the body increase the caloric burning

* Actual results may differ from person to person depending on different factors and other
personal variables

Increased burning of calories from fat stores

Managing the right weight is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It includes a balance of
healthy eating and exercise to match energy expenditure and energy consumption.
Maintaining a healthy weight requires, among other things, physical activity such as
walking, running or other sports activities. Our body is a machine that consumes fuel

(food) that serves as energy for the whole body activity. The residual fuel remaining is
preserved as fatty acids. When we eat more than we need, the excess accumulates to
fat in the liver and other tissues, increasing the weight.
This process may lead to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty
liver and many other problems associated with being overweight.

Magnox Shaper is a 25-milliliter drink shot based on natural ingredients that increase
energy production through fats found in fatty tissues and help improve physical ability,
fitness and endurance. Magnox Shaper creates a process in which an increased amount
of fatty acids in the fat tissue is directly routed to the mitochondria (the mechanism in the
cells of the body responsible for energy production).

Magnox Shaper increases the burning of calories from fat (or carbohydrates), which
reduces the fat accumulated in the liver. Magnox Shaper is designed to remove excess
fat from the body, thereby neutralizing risk factors such as obesity, high cholesterol and
fatty liver.

helps burn fat and increases training effectiveness



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